Hospital Ventilation Cleaning

Hyperklean will help you meet the requirements laid down in HTM03-01 by using the best practice to help prevent the spread and threat of infection through dirty ductwork systems.
Dust and debris found in uncleaned ductwork, together with temperature and humidity levels, have been linked to the growth and spread of MRSA and other micro-organisms in hospitals. It is similar to how flu and other common cold infections spread through poorly maintained and uncleaned workplace systems. Owners and managers have a ‘duty of care’ to make sure that the building is safe and comfortable by making sure ventilation systems are cleaned efficiently and regularly. In order to ensure that conditions for building occupants are comfortable and safe there is a ‘duty of care’ requirement for owners and managers to ensure that ventilation systems are kept clean.

Our ventilation cleaning service has been designed to assist those responsible to meet their legal obligations and exercise their ‘duty of care’. As a first step, we carry out a survey of your system and provide a detailed assessment of risk, highlighting issues or defects that impact on the overall cleanliness of the system.

Where it is found that a ventilation system needs cleaning we will draw up a set of proposals with costs highlighting particular issues such as installing additional access doors to facilitate thorough cleaning of internal duct surfaces, post-clean reporting and testing. Ductwork cleaning will be carried out with the minimum of disruption and using the latest hygiene methods, in accordance with industry standards.

Client confidentiality is guaranteed at all times.

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